Donnerstag, 20. August 2009


As promised before here we have some more obscure stuff from the demo-tape collection i bought a while ago. I have to say honest that i never heard about ZAZ TURNED BLUE before but this 6 track tape makes me very curious about them. I checked google for them but the only thing i could found out was that there once was a song by Was (Not Was) recorded in 1983 named that. Not sure if our ZAZ TURNED BLUE named themself after this song but i will make sure to give this number a listen in the near future. Unfortunately the tape's sleeve did not contain any infos apart from the bandname and the songtitles. The first four songs were recorded live while the last two tracks were recorded at home. The home-demos are very rough and rather keyboard-based, what really kicks me are those four live-cuts. “Speak Your Mind“ brings back memories of early Aztec Camera live-recordings and i have to think on “Just Like Gold“ while listening to this number. Maybe it's the singer's voice or those wonderful jazzy guitars. I'm not sure but can let you know that this number became very special to me over the last couple of months. Next up we have “The Night Is As Loud As Thunder“, another fine tune. “Observations“ is pure North Of Cornwallis, believe it or not ! How great ! I can't stop listening to it. They close with “If I Choose“ which contains more jangly guitars and an great refrain. I really wonder if someone out has any infos about them. So many questions to ask. When were they around ? Did they released any records ? Where they came from ? The list seems to be endless. Come on, don't let me spend another month keep searching in the dark !

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  1. I hope to listen to "Observations" in less than 2 months :p