Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009


Hailed from Basingstoke, this great three piece released a couple of singles and one sole album between 1984 – 1990 before decided to change their bandname into Clark Springs. Another two singles were released before the band finally called it the day.
Always big faves of mine i was more than happy to receive some of the band's demo tapes a while ago.
First up we have an three track tape which i believe contains some of the band's earliest recordings.
Although no recording date is given on tape's sleeve, it contains the cataloguenumber JA 002, the same which can be found on their debut 7“, released in 1985. The tape kicks of with one of their greatest tunes ever, the elsewhere unreleased “Feet Turns To Clay“. Everything on this song sounds perfect to me, Clive sings like an young god and the guitarsolo sounds amazing to me. I played this tune to a couple of friends and everyone wonder why this track never found it's way on the band's vinyl releases. Next up we have an cool version on the rare “Money Man“. The tape end up with another pearl. “These Feelings Will Pass“ is one of those songs you will never forget about the first time you was listening to it. It was released later on one of Dave Driscoll's legendary compilation tapes .
The band released at least one other demo in 1984 contains this tune plus the unknown song “Parliament Hill Fields“. The tape's sleeve is shown on the band's myspace. It would be a great thing to hear it !
Next up we have another three track demo which contains songs whose later versions ends up on the band's album “To The Citadel“.
Tracklist for it as follows:

Hi There 1986
St Martin's-In-The-Field
Down Here

The last tape of the bunch i received is much more of interested as it contain an elsewhere unreleased coverversion of “She Don't Care About Time“ which was originally written by Gene Clark plus early versions on “First Of May“ and “Bright Pavilions“.
The lot i bought has also an demo by THE SOUND ACADEMY which contains the Rain's Nigel Rivers who teamed up with Jo Burgees on this. Unfortunately the tape didn't contain the band's songs, instead i have the pleasure to listen to an radioshow. I nearly went crazy when i found out about it !
The tape's sleeve lists four songs, anyone out there who has further infos about them ?
Back to The Rain, Clive once passed me another great unreleased tune which i will not forget to mention. “And The Leaves Circled Like Birds 'round Her Hair“ seems was recorded during the band's final days and shows once again how special they were !

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009



OH, how i love this band ! It was the summer of 1987 when me and my old mate Stefan spent holidays in Hastings. There was a club whose name i have forgotten about which we went to every night. Great music was played and beside classic tracks from The Smiths or New Order there was a song we never heard about before. To shy to ask the DJ about it we just found ourself on the dancefloor. Shortly before leaving Hastings we're listening to an radioshow which plays this tune as well. We found out that the band's name was Jim Jiminee which just released their first single called “Do It On Thursday“. We went to the next recordshop but couldn't find the record. Back at home it took us months to locate the record finally. I will never forget the day i first played it on my turntable. After playing the record an hour or so, my neighbour came by to ask me if there would be a chance to stop this nonsens. I just closed the door and was listening again. He moved house soon after.
Over the years the band became a part of my life, i bought their records and saw them playing live a couple of times. “Town & Country Blues“ became an alltime fave at the ship shape club. Split much to early the band released two retrospective albums on Vinyl Japan and i was nearly sure that i never ever would hear any other songs by them. Gladly i became the chance to buy an early demo tape by them and tell you what, i nearly start crying while listening to it. No idea about it's recording date it contains four tracks, three of them unreleased elsewhere and i really wonder why. “Sleeping Once Again“ and “Centre Of Attention“ would have made perfect hits on the band's sole album “Welcome To Hawaii“. Beside those songs the tape contains an early version of “Snap Me Up“ plus an fine tune called “Time On My Hands“. Check out their video on Youtube and remember yourself how great they were !!!



Ever heard about The Bernards ? Do not worry if not, i have to say honest that they were unknown to me as well until a couple of weeks ago when i received the band's three track demo tape which was titled “Nutmeg“. I first played their songs while prepared some boxes for the next record fair, so i did not looked on the tape's sleeve carefully. While listening to the tracks i was nearly sure that i just found out about another long forgotten indiepopband from the late 80's. To my surprise i noticed later that the band was around in the mid 90's. Based in Birmingham, the line-up shows us the following bandmembers:
Danny Bernard, Carl Brett, Alex Martin and Bobby Tofu.
Full of jangly guitars, all three tracks let me think on the first 7“ from Action Painting. Without a doubt, this band would make an great job on the Sound Of Leamington Spa compilation serie. Anyone out there who has any further infos about them ?


Rah Rah Rah
The Ugly Boys
In The Village

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009


Basingstoke four-piece The Jeremiahs released one mighty EP back in 1988 on Abstract Records and had two songs on compilation-LPs, not much more is known about them. The band released a handful of demotapes as well. The first one dates from 1985 and it contains the well known “Never Come Back“ from legendary “Beyond The Fence Begins The Sky“ compilation LP. As it seems the tape contain an early take of this song. Much more of interest without doubt is the second song called “Bluer Days“, a great bassdriven tune. The tape's sleeve is handmade, so i think that the band didn't pressed that much copies of it. Next up we have another two track demo which contains an early version of the EP-track “Whipe Away The Tears“ plus the unreleased “Over The Shove“. The sleeve contains handwritten songtitles on it and comes with sticker which lists the recording studio's address.
The third tape has three tracks, including early versions of the well known songs “Far From The Maddening“ and “Honeysuckle Love“. Apart from those it contains an amazing unreleased tune. This untitled song blows me away every time i listen to it. What a shame that the band never released it proper. There is even a girl singer which shares vocals in the refrain. The tape contains no tracklist, just comes with an sticker.
The band recorded at least one more demotape which once was sold on ebay. It's list on Twee.net. No idea if the versions on this tape are any different from the ones which end up on the EP or which can be found on the other demo tapes.
In 1986 the band recorded an four-track live tape which contains otherwise unreleased songs. The soundquality is perfect. It was recorded at Paradise Club. The first song from it remains their best ever in my opinion ! “Satin Shoes“ let me think on the highlights from Lloyd Cole's “Rattlesnakes“ and would have made the perfect indiepop-single. “Return Of The Spirite Stones“ and “The Daffodil Fields“ shows the band on their highest as well.
Hopefully they will come by some day as i would love to release all those wonderful songs proper. What a great band they were !

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

Those Happy Feelings

Between Firestation Records (Germany) and Plastilina Records (Peru) we’ve been planning to do a compilation of the great sounds and bands that happened in Greece during the late 80s and early 90s. We’ll call it “Those Happy Feelings” in honor of the best label to come out from the Hellenic country: This Happy Feeling! We know there were many great bands at the time some of them more known than others. We want to make some of these names more familiar and give a chance to people to listen some of these sounds without paying high prices on eBay. We also know that some of these pop gems are so obscure that this could be a nice chance for them to see the light of day.

The idea is to make it into one fantastic CD with a booklet that includes photos and bios of these bands. I hope we can track down many of these bands and have the release out soon! Would be so fantastic! Watch this space for more updates! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Bands we are looking forward to be in touch with:

* Costas
* Sensitive Painters
* Sad Candy Lilies
* Next Time Passions
* Groovies In The Heart
* Sensitive Painters
* Protest March
* Verden Fell
* Blossoms
* One Night Suzan
* Groove Machine
* Kissamatic Lovebubbles
* The Crooner
* Impossible Tymes
* Fantastic Something
* The Jaywalkers
* Love Exotics
* Who The Dickens?
* Pillow
* Sound Devise
* Raining Pleasure
* Seaside
* The Wish
* Pledge
* Starblind
* The Mute
* Common Sense
* Sanders
* M.C.S.
* Bella Union
* Sleeve
* Suave Gap
* The Point For