Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009


Basingstoke four-piece The Jeremiahs released one mighty EP back in 1988 on Abstract Records and had two songs on compilation-LPs, not much more is known about them. The band released a handful of demotapes as well. The first one dates from 1985 and it contains the well known “Never Come Back“ from legendary “Beyond The Fence Begins The Sky“ compilation LP. As it seems the tape contain an early take of this song. Much more of interest without doubt is the second song called “Bluer Days“, a great bassdriven tune. The tape's sleeve is handmade, so i think that the band didn't pressed that much copies of it. Next up we have another two track demo which contains an early version of the EP-track “Whipe Away The Tears“ plus the unreleased “Over The Shove“. The sleeve contains handwritten songtitles on it and comes with sticker which lists the recording studio's address.
The third tape has three tracks, including early versions of the well known songs “Far From The Maddening“ and “Honeysuckle Love“. Apart from those it contains an amazing unreleased tune. This untitled song blows me away every time i listen to it. What a shame that the band never released it proper. There is even a girl singer which shares vocals in the refrain. The tape contains no tracklist, just comes with an sticker.
The band recorded at least one more demotape which once was sold on ebay. It's list on Twee.net. No idea if the versions on this tape are any different from the ones which end up on the EP or which can be found on the other demo tapes.
In 1986 the band recorded an four-track live tape which contains otherwise unreleased songs. The soundquality is perfect. It was recorded at Paradise Club. The first song from it remains their best ever in my opinion ! “Satin Shoes“ let me think on the highlights from Lloyd Cole's “Rattlesnakes“ and would have made the perfect indiepop-single. “Return Of The Spirite Stones“ and “The Daffodil Fields“ shows the band on their highest as well.
Hopefully they will come by some day as i would love to release all those wonderful songs proper. What a great band they were !


  1. aww wonderful news :-D

  2. Oh WOW! Uwe...you guys have to release all these songs! Please! :-) I thought we heard all the songs by the mighty Jeremiahs but we were wrong! Where in the world did you find all these? I hope the band consents to a proper release of all the songs! Cheers!



  3. i saw them in Croydon supporting the Flatmates and they were rubbish, nobody clapped

  4. Re-heard this band again after about a decade and am absolutely in love with them all over again. A quick search brought me here (and other websites) revealing they have more songs. I would LOVE to hear their additional materials and am sure i'm not alone. Firestation, work some magic and RELEASE all their demos.

    Here's a link to a awesome interview from member Simon Ashby. It seems he welcomes a release of additional material and the recognition, cash, and memories that would come from it: http://www.cloudberryrecords.com/blog/?p=1547