Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009


Hailed from Basingstoke, this great three piece released a couple of singles and one sole album between 1984 – 1990 before decided to change their bandname into Clark Springs. Another two singles were released before the band finally called it the day.
Always big faves of mine i was more than happy to receive some of the band's demo tapes a while ago.
First up we have an three track tape which i believe contains some of the band's earliest recordings.
Although no recording date is given on tape's sleeve, it contains the cataloguenumber JA 002, the same which can be found on their debut 7“, released in 1985. The tape kicks of with one of their greatest tunes ever, the elsewhere unreleased “Feet Turns To Clay“. Everything on this song sounds perfect to me, Clive sings like an young god and the guitarsolo sounds amazing to me. I played this tune to a couple of friends and everyone wonder why this track never found it's way on the band's vinyl releases. Next up we have an cool version on the rare “Money Man“. The tape end up with another pearl. “These Feelings Will Pass“ is one of those songs you will never forget about the first time you was listening to it. It was released later on one of Dave Driscoll's legendary compilation tapes .
The band released at least one other demo in 1984 contains this tune plus the unknown song “Parliament Hill Fields“. The tape's sleeve is shown on the band's myspace. It would be a great thing to hear it !
Next up we have another three track demo which contains songs whose later versions ends up on the band's album “To The Citadel“.
Tracklist for it as follows:

Hi There 1986
St Martin's-In-The-Field
Down Here

The last tape of the bunch i received is much more of interested as it contain an elsewhere unreleased coverversion of “She Don't Care About Time“ which was originally written by Gene Clark plus early versions on “First Of May“ and “Bright Pavilions“.
The lot i bought has also an demo by THE SOUND ACADEMY which contains the Rain's Nigel Rivers who teamed up with Jo Burgees on this. Unfortunately the tape didn't contain the band's songs, instead i have the pleasure to listen to an radioshow. I nearly went crazy when i found out about it !
The tape's sleeve lists four songs, anyone out there who has further infos about them ?
Back to The Rain, Clive once passed me another great unreleased tune which i will not forget to mention. “And The Leaves Circled Like Birds 'round Her Hair“ seems was recorded during the band's final days and shows once again how special they were !


  1. would it be possible for me to download this music i have there album but never saw the band live

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