Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009


Finally – after two singles we will release the debut CD of Munichs finest at Firestation Records. Since their 7” “Eine neue Welt” we love the sound of the nine Munich lads. By the way was it the fastest selling single at our catalogue. We have only left a few copies of the “Junge Leute” 7”, too. Time for their self- titled CD- album .
The album will be opened with a new version of “Junge Leute”, followed by ten new tracks who let you think and dream of new Jim Jiminee or Dexys songs. The disco-like “2 Minuten 45”, the early Merricks sound-a-like “Heizdecke Am Strand” or the groovy “Bitte Bleib Mal” – forced by the horn section these are HITS. And the lyrics from singer Axel Koch ( C.l.a.r.k.) about resistance and revolution – class struggle can be fun!
And what a sensational live- band they are…glorious!
“Der Englische Garten” will be out in November.


Junge Leute
Der Geist Der Straße
2 Minuten 45
Baden gehen
Unter Dem Wasserfall,
Heizdecke Am Strand
Dein Taschenmesser
Irgendwoanders Hin
Bitte Bleib Mal