Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009



Ever heard about The Bernards ? Do not worry if not, i have to say honest that they were unknown to me as well until a couple of weeks ago when i received the band's three track demo tape which was titled “Nutmeg“. I first played their songs while prepared some boxes for the next record fair, so i did not looked on the tape's sleeve carefully. While listening to the tracks i was nearly sure that i just found out about another long forgotten indiepopband from the late 80's. To my surprise i noticed later that the band was around in the mid 90's. Based in Birmingham, the line-up shows us the following bandmembers:
Danny Bernard, Carl Brett, Alex Martin and Bobby Tofu.
Full of jangly guitars, all three tracks let me think on the first 7“ from Action Painting. Without a doubt, this band would make an great job on the Sound Of Leamington Spa compilation serie. Anyone out there who has any further infos about them ?


Rah Rah Rah
The Ugly Boys
In The Village

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