Dienstag, 18. August 2009


After a break we will return in october with three new releases. We will kick off with an retrospective by alltime-faves The Ogdens. “Hellish Mad Rush“ will contain no less than 22 tracks ! Formed in 1986 the band released three wonderful singles, all of them are still in the hearts of indiepop-lovers all around the world. I bought “It's A Beautiful Day“, the band's debut 7“ single, sometimes back in 1990 only to found out soon after that there were two other records by them already out. It took me a while to locate them both finally in 1991.
Full of jangly guitars and some of the finest melodies ever heard, songs as “Patricia“, “Train To London Bridge“ or “Rachel Put Your Arms About Me“ makes my day for many many years. Still friends today the band never called it the day but went separate ways back in the early 90's. I played their records on regular basis over the years and looked out for them on google twice the month. Time went by and i nearly gave up. I became an lucky man earlier this year when i found out that they finally appeared on myspace. Now we have “Hellish Mad Rush“ an compilation CD full of hits which contains all tracks from the band's regular releases plus lot's of unreleased recordings. As a bonus there will be even some 4 track demos plus a couple of live tracks !
As yet unreleased songs as “Yeah Yeah Yeah“ or “From One Extreme To A Broken Dream“ will make your day, more than sure ! So let them into your heart !!!
Thanks a lot to Andrew for the great conversation over the last couple of months !!!

the tracklist will look as follows:

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Sticky Licky Apples
From One Extreme To A Broken Dream
It's A Beautiful Day
Shades Of Green
Bad State Of Mind
Rachel Put Your Arms About Me
Train To London Bridge
The Prettiest Girl In Carmarthenshire
I Want To Know Everything
She Made Everything Groovy
Walk In The Country
All About Steve
Bring Me The Head Of The National Theatre
Boeing Boeing Bomb!
Slip Of A Lad
Funny What A Moon Can Do
From One Extreme To A Broken Dream
Goodbye Yuppy Scum

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