Mittwoch, 16. September 2009


We first released "Pontification" in the summer of the year 2000. Can't remember exactly what keep's the ball rolling back then. Maybe it was Peter who was going in contact with Martin King of the band a couple of years earlier. What i remember is that i met with Guy Lovelady of Ugly Man Records on an rather cold spring day in the year 2000. We had some great conversations in a bar nearby the Kurfürstendamm. Beside the master CD he passed me over the first recordings by the Vermont Sugar House. What a lovely day it was !
“Pontification“ became a big fan-favourite, 1500 copies of the album were pressed, another 500 vinyl copies were done exclusively for Vinyl Japan. Most of the cds were sold abroad. In the early days of Firestation Records we worked shortime with an german distribution company which name i have forgotten a long time ago. We passed them over 200 copies of the album with the result that we never ever received any payment from them. The company broke down a year later, so somewhere in germany there still should be some boxes of the original “Pontification“ release, as we never received the cds back from them. We run out of copies of the album in 2001. Over the years many new fans came by and asked for it. Gladly a couple of years ago Martin and his mates found some unreleased songs. So what to do which such brilliant material ? On the first there was the plan to release a two track 7“ single with both unreleased songs. After a longtime discussion at Firestation head quarter we decided to make some kind of “Deluxe Edition“ of an long out of stock album. Without a doubt, it's more than worth to do !
Now we have “Pontification Plus“ an new edition of this classic album with an brand new artwork and four bonustracks, three of them unreleased elsewhere !
“Skin Deep“ would have made a classic third single for the band, so we're more than proud to present it to you here on this special release !

Thanks to Guy, Martin and Kevin for great cooperation over all these years !!!!


Skin deep
Love scattered lives
Stopped in my tracks
Desolation sunday morning
Passion in the afternoon
Speak to me, rochelle
The gunmetal jaguar
La Petite Rochelle
She wore my sweater
Passion in the afternoon (version)


  1. I loved playing with these guys we had a lot of fun but mostly we worked hard.

  2. oh yea by the way I only played the drums on all tracks and I didn't even get a copy but I ain't seen Martin or guy for years. I got their numbers though. HAHHHH

    No seriously guys, thanks for bringing this out in the true spirit we worked it. When we were playing it I always thought what a load of soppy crap but as the years go on and I turned into a soppy old crap I realise the importance of the writing and these songs as a result of us being that band.

    So where do I buy a copy.