Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009


Without a doubt one of the most popular releases in Firestation-history is “Long Ball Into Nowhere“ by legendary Dublin-based band HEY PAULETTE. A compilation contains singletracks, a BBC-session among lot's of unreleased material. We first talked to the band about the possibility to release their backcatalogue in the days when Sound Of Leamington Spa 1 came out, so it took us seven years to release the album finally in 2006. In the early days the tracklist for “Long Ball Into Nowhere“ was different to the final release. It was in the plan to include some more livetracks on the album including an version of “Ceremony“ or an fine track called “Don't Let Your Tea Go Cold“. Plans changed in 2005 when the band sent over the final pressing plant master. The result is history...
Beside the songs which makes it onto the album the band recorded some more amazing demos. Derrick once sent me 12 tracks back in 2003 or 2004. I have to say honest that i can't remember why we didn't include none of these recordings on the album. Derrick once told me that these songs were recorded in the band's early days. Some of the songs show's the band on their best. “See You Sometime“ would have made an great 7“ single release, jangly as hell and not far away from tracks as “Commonplace“ or “Another Poet“. I love the guitarsound on “The Way That You Talk“, another classic ! Both songs were recorded on 8-track. I have to think on the band's faves STARS OF HEAVEN while listening to “Everything I Do“. Next up we have two great popsongs which were called “The Go Between“ and “Miserable As Sin“. “The Girl In Question“ contains an amazing guitarsolo, which makes me dance everytime i hear it ! Side one of the tape closed with another toptune which name is “I Can't Whistle“. The flip kicks of with two live tracks including the album's unreleased titletrack “Longball Into Nowhere“ an fast instrumental. Those twelve “lost“ songs would have made an brilliant album on it's own and shows how special this band was. The tape also includes songs by singer Eamonn which he's recorded with Eileen Gogan of The Would Bee's. But that's another story we have to tell you later about...

The tape's tracklist looks as follows:

See You Sometime
The Way That You Talk
She Just Says...
Smile (It Won't Kill You)
Everything I Do
The Go Between
Miserable As Sin
The Girl In Question
I Can't Whistle
Did It Ever Enter Your Head To Say Please (live)
Long Ball Into Nowhere (live)


  1. Maybe a second Hey Paulette compilation is in the works? :O

  2. I heard the live "Ceremony" cover but I don't think that is for public comsumption as it sounded really bad (the way it was taped but the song cover was amazing!) unless there is a clearer copy somewhere out there then it should definitely included in a future Firestation Hey Paulette compilation! Yeah! God bless that Derrick Dalton wherever he may be...RIP!

  3. I recently posted a Hey Paulette track and as part of my research learned of the death last October of Derrick Dalton. See a brief obituary here: http://musicalrooms.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/rip-derrick-dalton/