Montag, 18. Mai 2009


While having a look on some old wantlists of mine i noticed that there are still a lot of records or bands which i still can't locate. Just found some of those lists in my bedroom the other day and was surprised that the last wantlist i put together dates from september 1997. Over the years i found out that some of the list's records never came out or were withdrawn from it's release.
For the next weeks i will write some words about “lost“ indiepoprecords from the past or bands we're still looking for. First up I put together an list of withdrawn records which i found on my old wantlists. If someone out there as any further infos please feel free to drop us a line !

Here we go:

1. East Village – Break Your Neck 12“ (Label: Head, cataloguenumber: Head 9)

Planned for april 1988. Head Records turned into Sub Aqua soon after. Would have made another classic ! No idea about tracklist.

2. The Company She Keeps – Amanda LP (Label: Cold Harbour, cataloguenumber: Cold 8)

Planned for late 1988.

What A Girl Wants
Express Interest
Recording Angel
Touch On My Emotions
A Little Madness
How The Film Began
A Day In A Balloon
The Men Responsible (original version)

Definitely unreleased !

3. The Bloody Marys – Stain LP (Label: Mess, cataloguenumber: Joss 2)

Planned for January 1987. Not so sure about the tracklist, but most of the songs should have end up on FST 057 – Sixteen Hail Marys.

4. Treebound Story – Butler's Cafe LP/CD (Label: Native Records)

Planned for 1989. Adverts for it were placed in the british musicmags back then, unfortunately it never saw the day of light.

5. Kill Devil Hills – Here We Go Again (Label: Roustabout, cataloguenumber: RST005)

Planned for october 1988. Unfortunately the label broke down soon before the record came out. No idea about the tracklist.

6. A Riot Of Colour – Should've Listening To Me 12“ (Label: Play Room Discs, cataloguenumber: PLAYD 004-12)

Planned for march 1988. “Sign Of The Cross“ was recorded as the record's b-side.

7. Bluetrain – LP (Label: Pastell, Germany)

Absolute no idea about this. I once saw an advert in an german mag for this. Was it really ever planned ? Big thanks to Roque and Jalito for release their retrospective cd the last year !

8. Candlestick Park – Re-Invent The Wheel LP/CD (Label: Midnight Music, cataloguenumber: chime 011)

Planned for august 1991. An fine album by ex-The Waltones. Hopefully Cherry Red will release it one day.

9.The Compass Flow – Bush Telegraph LP (Label: Glass, cataloguenumber: glalp033)

Planned for april 1989. Ex The Submarines.

10. The Waltones – Listen To Your Heard 12“ (Label: Medium Cool, cataloguenumber: MC022)
Planned for 1989. Glady these great songs can be now heard on the band's compilation CD, released back in 2007 on Cherry Red.

11. Circus X 3 – Leslie Hope Town LP / CD (Label: Sweatbox, cataloguenumber: SAX 031)
Planned for early 1988. Adverts were placed for it.

12. Circus X 3 – Thunder High 7“/12“ (Label: Sweatbox, cataloguenumber: SAX 033)
Planned for july 1988. It's strange to see that there was even the plan for another single-release although the album never found it's way into the shops.

13. South Of Heaven – Stars Of Heaven Tribute CD (Label: Disques Fridge, cataloguenumber: mrf 14)

No idea about it's planned releasedate. The artwork for this tribute CD to Dublin's finest was created but the record never found it's way into the pressing plant.


Northern Picture Library – Ammonia Train
Icehead – Every Other Day
Something Happens – All About You
Sean A McDermont & Mary Whelan – Paradise Of Lies
Hey Paulette – Smalltown Reel
Engine Alley – Three Kings' Day
Dr Millar – Leave As You Came
Junkster – 28
Grief – Someone's Getting Tired Of You
Everything But The Girl – Lights Of Tetouan
Baby Snakes – Hey Little Child
Cathal Couglan – Ghost Cars
Screech Owl – Poison River
Muck Savage – Sacred Heart Hotel
7 League Boots – Little England
Peter O'Kennedy – Two O'Clock Waltz
Engine Alley – Before Holyhead
Sultans Of Ping – Never Saw You
Brian – Speak Slowly
The Revenants – So You Know

14. Bradford – Tattered, Tangles And Torn 7“/12“ (Label: Village, cataloguenumber: VILT 104)

Planned for November 1988.
Band signed to another label before this release makes it into the pressing plant. Would be great to find out which other tracks should have been appeared on this withdrawn release.

15. Motorcycle Boy – Scarlet LP / CD (Label: Chrysalis, cataloguenumber: CHR1689)

Planned for september 1989. I heard that there were plans to release it finally this year, so finger crossed !

More to follow soon !


  1. i'll mail you soon,perhaps i'll let you know a good news :D

  2. hola
    ?¿me los pasas por email?¿ estaria muy agradecido

    un abrazo desde valencia spain


  3. Interesting post Uwe!

    I have heard the Scarlet album by Motorcycle Boy and it's great. I dont know if it will be released. Cherry Red had plans but they could never find who owned the copyrights or something like that. Hopefully someone else releases it!

    So many great records you mention here. One that I really want to listen is the Candlestick Park one. I really love their single.

  4. The company she keeps album is (surprisingly) available at iTunes!!!