Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

19 Goldene Hits - Berlin Pop Compilation

Here are some information about this 1994 Compilation- CD on our Tape- /Fanzine- Label SMUF. All of these bands were from Berlin. We pressed 500 copies, some are left and can be ordered from FST.

SAINTLY SNAILS - The Rumble ( Surf- Instrumental – a perfect opener)

MOST WANTED MEN - The Glass Menagerie ( pre- GROOVY CELLAR, compilation CD on Marsh Marigold)

ABRAMCZYK – Grungemädchen ( Noise- Pop with myself on the mic)

TUMBLING HEARTS - V.I.P. Treatment (Country- Pop out of the TWANG TONE- scene)

ELEKTRO IM BUS - Ich Liebe Dich ( later DIE ELEKTROS, with smash- hit „Kämpferin in S- Bahnzügen“)

THORN - The Best Part Of Being With You ( Uwe’s own band, feat. Members of SAINTLY SNAILS)

CUBAN REBEL GIRLS - Sixteen Days ( Sixties- Pop)

GOING DOWN WITH BRILLIANCE - Only Place ( song by ex- FST- member Jan, “produced” by myself)

SAINTLY SNAILS - Amuck In My Head ( friends of the family)

WESTWAY – Shine ( Electro, first Band from BLOCHIN 81 and LATO- singer Des Squire)

PLEASURE - Shut Up ( Shoegazer - singer Sascha formed JAKETHIVE two years later)

CRACK A WHEAT - It's About time ( great Popabilly)

PROFANES - Too Late To Leave ( another band from the sixties- scene)

RECKLESS PRESSURE - And Suddenly The River ( another band from “the scene that celebrates itself”)

GROOVY CELLAR - You Make Me Feel Younger Than I Am ( 15 years later on Firestation Records)

MILCHBLUMEN FC - Auf Dem Halensee ( I know nothing about them ;-) )

PHONETIC RELATIONS - Girl With No Name ( another great Sixties- tune)

ELEKTRO IM BUS – Popstar ( second track by the Berlin- Popstars)

THE ANSWER - Sun Won't Shine Anymore ( my favourite track on this CD, great organ- sound)

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