Mittwoch, 22. April 2009


“Heard About Love“ - When people asked me about how the perfect indiepopsong should sound like i always reply these three words. Full of the greatest jangly guitarsound i ever heard this 2.58 minutes long song makes my day since nearly 20 years. I still remember the day when i bought the 7“ from record and tape exchange in camden town. “Heard About Love“ was released on the band's (i believe) own “Hi-Fibre“ label back in 1987. A year before the band shared a flexi disc with Basil Pieroni. “You'll Always Give Your Best“ was nearly as brilliant as the singletrack. When we started the Sound Of Leamington Spa serie back in 1998 one of the first bands we were looking for was the Big Gun. I remember that it took me ages to locate them. They came by by in 2000 and i was more than happy to include their song on Sound Of Leamington Spa 2. As member Andy Crone once said the band never called it the day, they just went separate ways. Beside the 7“ and the flexidisc the band recorded at least one three track demo tape back in 1986.
It contains the following tracks:

-Happiest Day
-Now That You Gone
-Where I Want To Go

Needless to say that all those songs are brilliant as well !

In 1989 members of the Big Gun founded short-lived band Cincinnati. A demotape was recorded but no proper records were released. I have to think on band's as The Great Leap Forward or Drop while listening to their songs. Especially “About You“ is a great song. Hopefully there will be a chance to include this tune on Sound Of Leamington Spa 8.
Andy and Keith Martin teamed up together again in the late 90s to form another band which name was Stagger Lee. We included their song “Four Families“ on FST 045 – These Are The Songs We Always Wanted To Hear. I have to say honest, that this tune is still my favourite track from that compilation. The band recorded a couple of fine demos before broke up soon after.
Recently i talked to Andy about the possibilty to release a Big Gun compilation CD, so finger crossed for it !!!


  1. Fingers crossed indeed! Love to hear Cincinnati sometime :)

  2. yes i would like to listen to Cincinnati,too :D

  3. I would as well!! I love Big Gun (at least what I've heard)

  4. A Big Gun compilation! Please hurry!! :-)

  5. Yes! I know quite a few people who would be interested.