Donnerstag, 20. September 2012


This evening i took a break from listening records on discogs for the first time since more than a week. Instead of it i thought that it would be nice to write again some words on the blog which we didn't update since nearly 18 months. What a shame! To be honest, i became tired of writing and also lost insterest in Indiepop over the last two years. There are various reasons for it, first of all there are no current bands from that scene which i like and i don't think that there will be new faces around soon which i will fall in love with. I mostly listening to different music these days or spend my time to listen to re-issues-cds from my favourite bands. It's the biggest thrill for me to buy deluxe-boxes from Everything But The Girl, Swing Out Sister or Beautiful South. And there is so much to come out within the next weeks in the likes of editions from Aztec Camera, Kirsty MacColl, Blow Monkeys or The Servants. I cant wait!! I wanted to escape from all this indiepop-nonsens, labels which are releasing cd-r compilations by bands they have only found out a month before on the internet or labels which are selling cd-r copies for high prices of their sold out cd-r releases on places as discogs or ebay. I also noticed about “fans“ posting on facebbok to let their friends known that they sold cds which are still available from the label for a lot of on ebay. Congratulation to those sellers and to all those fools which even click the “like“-button on facebook for it. No doubt, it will be the same in other scenes as well, but i dont care about it. I grew up with Indiepop, it became the most important thing in my life for a very, very long time. It was life! I still love all those wonderful bands which were around in the 80s and 90s and it still kicks me to find out about an “new“ obscure band. The last month i bought a large collection of demo-tapes from an british indiepoplabel which was around in the 80s. The lot contains some great stuff. Besides tapes from well known bands it contains demos from bands i never heard before of. I will write about these in the “Something To Look Out For“-column the next month. I am sure you will enjoy, apart you are already familiar with bands as A BOY & A PRAYER, STREAMLINES, SCARED OF HEIGHT or NORVAL.Watch out for it! Over the last weekend i worked hard to put together the tracklist for our forthcoming retrospective-release by RESERVE. Most of you will remember their fantastic 12“ which was released back in 1988 on Sombreo Records or their shared flexi-disc with The Siddeleys which came out an year earlier. We are still working on the artwork and linernotes for it but as it looks the album will contain 24 songs. We are more than happy to release the album finally!!Thanks to Torquil for the great cooperation on it!! Still to come in 2012 will be the first 7“ vinyl by Northampton-based THE ELECTROSCOPES. I fell in love with them the first time i heard their song “Made A Mistake“. It brings back memories of fave bands as Sensation or Orlando. Amazing stuff!!! we will release the 7“ again as a limited run of 200 copies, handwritten numbers – of course!! i am really looking forward to it very much!!! Thanks to Paul for the great music and for getting contact again!! We are also working on an reissue of the BELFAST COWBOYS sole album “Relief“. For those who dont know, this superb short-lived band feat. the wonderful voice of Hugh Harkin, singer with MIGHTY MIGHTY and great guitars by Pete Byrchmore (ex Rumblefish, The Capitols, Nightingales etc.). There are more plans on reissues, so look out for news on it soon! What we will NOT put out anymore is the long planed retrospective by a band we can find on the sound of leamington spa vol. 1. We get the ok from the singer for it first more than 12 years ago, but never received the material to put together the album. We discussed things with him again and again and again. A while ago i found out on the internet that the album will be finally out on another label. I wrote the singer to find out what happens, i never received an reply from him. His band was in my alltime favourite list. Now the band means nothing to me anymore , and i don't care if the album will be out someday or not. I will never ever listen again to these great songs. FACT!


  1. What about The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol. 7 ?

  2. Good Morrow

    Seeing the unanimous chap or chapess above mention TSOLSV7, the Duke Nukem of indiepop compilations, reminded me I was planning to ask after the fate of the much anticipated collection for some years.

    I've been following the trials & tribulations ( which I imagine run deeper than the artwork issues that were alluded to a while back.

    Though it would be fitting for The Gits (yes that Rob) if it was never to be released I'm still a little curious.

    On another tack I look east to Japan these days for a music scene more in keeping with 80s & 90s enthusiasm. You might try the compilation that möscow çlub put together, Ç86, for one aspect of that if you haven't come across it.



  3. Hi Rob,
    thanks for your comment. there were many things went wrong when we put together part 7 of the serie. it is still the plan to release it and we are looking forward to have it ready in the near future. i feel very sorry for the very very long delay on it. it is the only ever release on firestation which took soooo long.
    if you ever would be interested to release a retrospective cd with all the recordings by The Gits please feel free to let me know. we would be very interested to release it!!

    1. Hello

      Though I'm not confident there would be much demand for a Gits release if you're prepared to take the risk we'd be more than happy to let you put them out.

      I'll email.


  4. Ever been to Indie Tracks in the UK?

  5. Hi Rob!
    cool! please send me an e-mail:
    best, uwe

  6. @ anonym, ever been to popfest berlin in germany?