Montag, 7. Juni 2010


Alan McCusker-Thompson's THE PAINTED WORD released the perfect piece of pop in 1986. This jewel was called “Independence Day“ and saw the day of light as 7“ and 12“ on Mother Records. Around the same time the band appeared on legendary tape-only compilation “Honey At The Core“ with an early take of the amazing “Worldwide“. It took three years before signed up to RCA and put out two ep's and the mighty longplayer “Lovelife“. This album became one of my alltime faves from the start, it's scottish pop in it's perfection, somewhere between “High Land, Hard Rain“, “Trapped And Unwrapped“, “Swimmer“ and Fruits Of Passion sole album. Not so sure what happend after “Lovelife“, i was looking out for them year after year. Nearly sure that they called it the day. Gladly i found out about the band's second album “Universal“ back in the late 90's. Released in the year 1995 i was wondering why the hell i never heard about it before. “Universal“ was released on EMI but seems to be withdrawn before copies made it into the shops. I really would love to find out about the reasons for it. After all those years i only saw this cd a couple of times on ebay where it went for 200+. Gladly a good friend from Japan once passed me a cd-r copy of it years ago. “Universal“ starts where “Lovelife“ has ended six years before. Another perfect album done by Alan and i still wonder today why the band never made it onto the top. “My Song“ made my day today, i really think that it's time now for an retrospective by one of the most finest band's ever!!! I don't have the original issue of “Universal“, so i can't include the sleeve of it. Sorry for that!
Anyone out there who can help me out on this?

Universal - Tracklist

Somewhere In The World Tonight
I Dream
The Blues In Your Eyes
Night After Night
This Is My Song


  1. Hi. Ich habe in meinem Blog zufällig auch gerade THE PAINTED WORD gepostet. Und ich habe noch einige Live-Tracks aus Hamburg.
    Könntest du mir die UNIVERSAL als mp3 uploaden?
    Schau mal nach der Band THE HOLLOW MEN. Ebenfalls Alan McCT.
    Gruß Arne

  2. ach ja.
    check mal

  3. Hello Uwe, I believe this is the cover for Universal which Fade2Grey posted a while back:

    I've also come across a blog which posted some very interesting live recordings and demos. Let me know in case you're interested.


  4. Hello Uwe,

    I never found out about that second album until right now! Listening to "Lovelife" for the umpteenth time I decided to google around a bit to find out what exactly happened to TPN, so imagine my surprise. Is there any way to get a hold of an mp3 or flac version of "Universal"? That would be a real treat after 22 years without a new TPN album. Thanks & take care!