Mittwoch, 10. März 2010


DEL AMITRI'S first longplayer saved my life for a some months when i first found out about it in the early days of the year 1990. This selftitled piece of vinyl was released first in 1985 and received it's re-release in 1990 when the boys reached highest places in the charts with such singles as “Nothing Ever Happens“ or “Kiss This Thing Goodbye“. Although i have to say honest, that i enjoy the band's later work, it's a thousand miles away from their early recordings. How much i love their debut-album! Songs as “Heard Through A Wheel“ or “Deveice Yourself“ are still sooo important to me, they sound as great as the first time i was listening to them. Over the years i was wondering often what happend to the band during the “lost“ year's between 1986 – 1989. I finally found out about it when i received the recordings for their unreleased second album some years ago from a very nice person. Shame on me, but i can't remember what was the connection between him and the band back then.
Without a doubt this collection of songs would have made the perfect second album for the band. No idea why it was never released. Maybe they were without an label during those years? Maybe they were not happy with the recordings? As it seems the band recorded those songs soon after their debut album was released. Only one of those tracks ever saw the day of light officialy. “Out Of The Wind“ appeared on an 12“ EP released by the long gone Record Mirror Magazine in 1986. In the early days this record went for high on ebay, to my surprise i noticed that it's available from various places for cheap money now. Some of the “lost“ songs made it on a demo-tape which was compiled in 1987 and which once sold on ebay for 300+. The unreleased album show's Del Amitri on their highest, “Tall People“ and “The Wind In The Wheels“ became my favourite tracks from it. While listening again to all those songs i noticed how important this band is still to me. Maybe i should ask Justin Currie to release them finally? There should be no chance for it, but who knows? It would be a dream come true for me!


Tears And Trickery
Tall People
The Way I Live Now
The Wind In The Wheels
Love Gone Too Far
Life Going Backwards
Nothing Goes According To Plan
Seven Days
Out In The Wind


  1. Oh sure, tell us about it and don't share. Hint. hint. ;)

  2. I loved the first album so much I wore out the cassette, then bought the recent deluxe release. Be great to hear those demos, do you know where I could find a copy?

  3. Yeah seriously, what's the point of posting this if you're not going to upload the tracks for people? Just teasing?

    For those interested, there are some Del Amitri rarities available on my blog:

  4. Many of these songs are available here:

  5. Hi, any chance I can get a copy of the 'lost' Del Amitri 2nd album? Would be very grateful!

    My email is and I would gladly cover your costs.

    Mark : )