Sonntag, 15. November 2009


YEAH, welcome to sound of young Kornwestheim. Once announced for the year 2013, it's finally here!!!
“Casino Action“ will be co-released by our friends from Fastcut Records in Japan, with the band's debut album, “Clique Tragedy“ to follow in january 2010. And tell you what, they're sooo special, a pure popdream!!! “Casino Action“ sounds like nothing else in the world and contains some of the best lyrics ever written, while the 7“ flip is an amazing affair between Northern Soul Records and Belle And Sebastian's “Woman's Realm“. What more can i say? They make my life from the first time i was listening to them! There will be only a handfull of copies available from the Firestation shop's website, so be quick and don't tell me later on that i have not let you know about it in advance!!!

Casino Action

Three buttons in a row that meant the world to me
The weekend’s just beginning and I long to see
My only friend
This old Casino
I used to park my GS just outside the shed
I gave up drinking, smoking
Taking pills instead
My only friend
This old Casino
I’d like to dance there
Once again till eight A.M.

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